Episode 82: This'll Kill Yah

This time on the show we have quite the ride for you. Dyllan Mc'Drumbit has his hands full with the notorious sheriff Black Bart. With his life on the line and the backwards talking dwarf from twin peaks he'll learn a harsh lesson in proper insulin storage that'll make you think twice about storing your medicine in the same bottle as your super cancer. In this episode we find the true meaning of gypsy rape and a final cure for all diseases ever. 

Epsode 80: Half Way Horrible

What happens when Mr. Crabs and the Bad Guy from Karate Kid team up to solve a murder. Not a hell of a whole lot. Look friends and neighbors I'll level with you, this is not one of the best episodes fo tales. If you like to see General Eiling(of the flash) get his smug ass handed to him by Melt Man from Action Leauge Now we got the episode for you. It dosen't hurt that this episode also features the wonderful Cheech Maron. But, you pays your nickle and you takes your chances.

Scientist George is intentionally inject with what he believes to be a disease that will kill him. tales from the crypt tales from the crypt opening tales from the crypt ... A murderous two-faced businessman about to debut a new preservative discovers that all his key partners are being murdered and the killer may be closer to ...

Episode 76: The Doctor of Horror

You know a lot in politics is talked about when it comes to researching fetal tissue but what about researching the soul. Is it ethical to extract the soul from new born zombies? Is the soul the thin blue line that makes us not murder people out of petty revenge? Does tree have a soul or cat, we know dogs don't. But this episode we explore what a soul is and what a soul functions as in the web of human organs. So sit back and watch the "Doctor of Horror"Give you a little lesson in anatomy.

Episode Coming Soon

75: Revenge is the Nuts

Who's the black private dick
That's a sex machine to all the chicks?
Shaft, ya, damn right

Who is the man that would risk his neck
For his brother man?
Shaft, can you dig it?

Who's the cat that won't cop out
When there's danger all about?
Shaft, right on

They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother
Shut your mouth
But I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft
Then we can dig it


Episode Coming Soon